5 Dangerous Ingredients to be Avoided in Kids' Vitamin Supplements

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All Supplements aren't made equal. While you may be giving your child daily dose of vitamins and minerals, the quality and brand you select for your child’s supplements also plays a major role. Toxic chemicals, over dosages and unneeded substances are frequently found in many foods & supplements that you may be unintentionally including in your kids’ diet.

Vitamins for children have progressed from gritty, tasteless chewable or liquid drops to delectable sprays & gummy vitamins, which is good because both children & parents find it better.

However, many children's vitamins on the market currently contain substances that have no place in a child's diet, let alone in nutritional supplements. Becoming a parent comes with its own infinite responsibilities. It is not a cake walk to safeguard your child’s health in today’s world. Supplements & foods are preferred to improve and boost kid’s health not to deteriorate it.

Ingredients to Avoid in Children’s Vitamin Supplements

Following are the 5 most dangerous types of ingredients that need to be avoided in Children's vitamins.

1. Artificial Ingredients

Of course, some producers claim that adding these so-called additives is necessary to maintain formulae, improve colours and taste, or make supplements look better. These colourants, fillers, or flavours, on the other hand, may have an adverse effect on your body's health, especially if consumed on a frequent basis. Furthermore, there are supplements that do not contain these chemicals, giving you a wider range of vitamin and mineral options.

2. Prohibit Preservatives

Preservatives are something parents don't want in our children's meals, as they are well how dangerous they are. They cause havoc with children's developing systems and can even be harmful to their health. In order to have a long shelf life, good grade vitamins do not need to contain preservatives. Indeed, some research suggests that preservatives may have an impact on our bodies' ability to absorb vitamins.

3. Gluten

Gluten is rapidly ascending to the top of many people's "do not eat" lists. While studies have shown that eliminating gluten from our diet is not necessary, it should not be present in everything we consume. Many parents are avoiding gluten due to a variety of reasons, including severe food allergies and the influence of gluten on attention deficiencies. So, why would parents want gluten in their children's supplements & vitamins if they believe gluten should be avoided or used in moderation?

4. Hydrogenated Oil

Did you know that these small harmful things can also be found in children's dietary supplements? To make matters worse, it’s frequently partly hydrogenated soybean oil, which is one of the most common fillers in today's supplements. Some supplements have fillers such as hydrogenated oil from genetically-modified (or non-organic) soya bean. It’s been known to cause cardiovascular problems, diabetes, nervous system problems, and non-absorption of essential fatty acids.

5. Magnesium Silicate

Magnesium silicate is an ingredient found in most white-coated minerals, supplements, and vitamins, and is commercially utilized in deodorant and cosmetics. When inhaled, magnesium silicate is comparable to asbestos in composition and can cause lung issues.

Many health experts have suggested that when it comes to ingredient labels, if you can’t read it – don’t eat it. This is because most artificial ingredients are chemicals with complicated, hard to pronounce names. If we skip these ingredients, then we can easily steer clear of potentially dangerous things in a child’s diet. You may improve your child's health while keeping unpleasant substances out of their food by finding a healthy vitamin to fill out their diet. Some vitamin and dietary supplements may be of poor quality and contain contaminants, including drugs, chemicals, metals or ingredients that could be harmful to children’s health. The basic and first most solution is to read the label before buying and select the supplement which is free of above-mentioned ingredients. The brand PuraVida is the best company to obtain vitamins and supplements for your child. Trust the experts for your child’s health & wellness.

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