Anti Acne Gel
Anti Acne Gel
Anti Acne Gel
Anti Acne Gel
Anti Acne Gel
Anti Acne Gel
Anti Acne Gel
Anti Acne Gel
Anti Acne Gel
Anti Acne Gel

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Anti Acne Gel

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About Pura Vida Anti Acne Gel:

Pura Vida Anti-Acne gel contains antimicrobial agents and exfoliants that help clear stubborn acne and promote even skin tone.

It contains moisture locking technology that promotes skin hydration without clogging pores, while removing excess sebum production.

Contains niacinamide and gentle exfoliants to brighten the skin and reduce post-acne scarring.

Pura Vida Anti Acne Gel Benefits:

- Relief from stubborn Acne

- Relief from Acne causing bacteria

- Unclog the pores

- Hydrates the skin

- Exfoliates the dead skin

- Controls sebum production

- Promote collagen production

- Reduce post acne scarring

- Promotes even skin tone

How to Use Pura Vida Anti Acne Gel?

- Read packaging instructions carefully before applying.

- Clean you face gently with water and let it dry.

- Take a pea sized drop of the gel on the finger tip & apply gently on the acne spots.

- Leave it on the skin overnight and gently rinse the face the next day morning.

- Apply the gel onto the affected area and spread it evenly with fingertips.

Pura Vida Anti Acne Gel Ingredients:

Aloe Vera: contains salicylic acid and sulfur, two antiseptics commonly found in acne medications. These agents clear clogged pores and reduce oil production.

Neem Seed Oil: It works as a natural alternative to promote skin health from within, reducing skin inflammation and hyperpigmentation as well as healing wounds, stimulating collagen production, eliminating acne scars, and reducing post-acne scars.
Hemp Seed Oil: Besides moisturizing without clogging pores, it helps balance out oily skin, hydrating and regulating oil production.
Glycolic acid: Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic acid are derived from sugar cane and boost your skin's natural exfoliating process while helping it retain moisture.

Salicylic acid: Salicylic acid is a type of beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that works to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells.
Benzoyl Peroxide: By removing dead skin and bacteria, benzoyl peroxide unclogs pores and prevents skin blockages.
Zinc PCA: Controls oil production and mattifies the skin. Highly effective at treating and reducing acne breakouts and blackheads, promotes skin healing & maintains skin hydration by effectively penetrating the skin.
Niacinamide: It reduces acne inflammation and dark spots, and effectively treats active acne breakouts.
Tea Tree Oil: The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil make it a popular treatment for acne, as it helps treat redness, swelling, and inflammation. It may even prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving your skin smooth and clear.

What does the doctor say!

Most often, Acne occurs due to clogging of the skin pores  and bacterial growth. Hormonal  changes can trigger breakouts. Acne in men can occur on face and neck and is worsened by seat. It is always advisable to keep the face clean by washing regularly with gentle cleansers. Anti Acne creams / gels can also be used which help exfoliate and also have antimicrobial properties. Products containing natural ingredients like Neem, Tea Tree oil etc and also Salicylic , Glycolic acids and Zinc will surely reduce the problem.

Dr. Chaitanya Gali

Neem seed oil has antibacterial properties and both Hemp and neem seed oil help prevent and tackle acne due to excess oil production and blocked pores.

The formulation and ingredients of Pura Vida anti-acne gel are very unique. It  is a combination of  ingredients like Aloe, Hemp, Neem and Zinc, Niacinamide, Salicylic , Glycolic acids etc, all of which help tackle acne in multiple mechanisms. It is very effective and safe.

You must use the Anti-Acne gel, regularly, everyday at least 2 times for best results. You will start seeing a change from 1-2 weeks onwards. Usage for at least 2 months will give great results.

Yes. Wash your face, apply the Anti-acne gel and let it dry for 2 min. You can apply anything else over this.

Yes, you can use it for any type of skin. It will keep your skin hydrated and help tackle acne, blocked pores and has antimicrobial properties.